Special Events

Thank you to everyone who invited me to be a guest at their event.

I am full of gratitude!

Junior Achievement World of Choices Days

I had the honour of being invited as a Career Mentor for two Junior Achievement World of Choices Days. I spoke to students to give them a deeper understanding of the life of a writer. It was very exciting to be able to offer my experiences as an opportunity to inspire our youth toward an exciting career in writing.

World Read Aloud Day

I was thrilled to be welcomed as the guest author for this special day.

Angel Nights with Margaret Davenport-Freed

I was blessed to be invited to share in two Angel Nights with my friend and medium, Margaret Davenport-Freed.

Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games Torch Relay

I had the honour of helping carry the torch in the Alberta 55 Plus Summer Games. Though it was a very cold day, the spirit of the participants was full of energy and excitement. Congratulations to everyone involved!

When Words Collide & Aurora Awards

The writers' festival and award ceremony.

Parade Day Fun

Library Signing